Is homework beneficial?

The debate about whether or not homework is beneficial keeps heightening, with experts giving varied views for or against the practice. The debate focus has mostly been on the amount to tasks assigned students. Those against home tasks at night emphasize that too much of it is counterproductive and overburdens students. California had to ban it in entirety in the 1990s due to concerns by theorists that it affects the mental and physical states of children.

Nonetheless, proponents of the act think otherwise. To them, homework improves students’ skills, creativity, and independent learning. Also, parents can monitor the progress in their children’s education.

So we ask, in your view, is homework beneficial? Before you decide on your answer, let us take you through some pros and cons of school assignments. With this, you can make an informed decision about the practice.

Pros and cons of homework


  • Research has proven that homework enhances the education of students and achievement. Through this, they can strive for more with improved grades and entering college. Also, it makes them critical thinkers, ensures discipline, self-reliance, and improves time management.
  • Homework helps students to continue the learning process and develops study habit while at home. There is no doubt that practice makes perfect, and it is easy to remember things done repeatedly. Most students are slow learners and unable to retain things learned in the classroom. Through homework, they can relearn and have a grasp on the subject matter.
  • The home tasks provide the opportunity for parents to access the performance of their children and contribute to it. They can know the strength and weaknesses of the kids and find ways to help them. Also, parents get to know what kids are taught in school and see where they fall short.


  • Counter research also shows that too much homework is counterproductive and affects the health of children. Some students suffer sleep deprivation, high-stress level, weight loss, and exhaustion, among others. They later end up using drugs and other stimulants to help them contain the adverse effects on their life.
  • Some homework demands extra equipment, research, and other resources, and this becomes a problem for students from low-income families. In the US, about 41% of kids fall in the above category making it difficult to do their home tasks. Secondly, some of these children help their parents at work or take care of younger siblings after school. As a result, they become exhausted, and having to do about two hours of homework can be challenging.
  • Homework has been touted to be very beneficial to students. However, there is no evidence that it helps in the development of kids. According to experts opposed to home tasks, the practice is detrimental to kids’ development. According to Temple University professor Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D., homework is not an effective way of having kids to learn and apply new things.


Having gone through the above discussions, what is your decision now? Do you think homework is beneficial? Are you for or against homework? Weighing the pros and cons, should take-home assignments should be scrapped, reduced, or maintained as it is now?

Is Homework Effective

Homework has been a part of us for years. Every evening after school, night after the next, year after year. We have homework from teachers and parents who hope that the homework will make us better academically. But what is the work of homework? What purpose does it serve?

Any student will say that homework doesn’t help. To them, homework is just stressful, and it makes them tired. Homework makes many students hate school in books like The homework myth, the end of homework, and the case against homework. They try and come up with a case against homework. The fact that homework gives student unnecessary pressure and make the children not spend time with family at home, homework becomes not effective. Students will not be good learners and thinkers.

What relationship is there between academic excellence and homework?

The research is done on hundreds of studies on homework by researchers. It has shown that conclusions remain a matter of debate.

When is it too much?

Children do not complain about anything. The rise of homework is evident. Over the years, the amount of homework that children get given has doubled. Due to the pressure that administrators of the schools have to ensure better performances from the students on tests. Some students have homework that takes hours to complete. How can you establish if the amount of homework your child is doing is the right amount? There is a norm that’s accepted, the 10 minutes per each grade rule.

The rule applies that as the grade advances, they add 10 minutes more on the homework. If the second graders are doing 20 minutes of homework, the third graders will be doing 30 minutes.

But this projection of the time sometimes doesn’t work. You find instead of the child spending thirty minutes doing their homework, and they spend hours. It is probably because they have other distractions.

Less can be more.

If your child’s dedicated to doing their homework and sometimes spends a lot of time on it, it is good to intervene to ensure that she is getting enough rest apart from homework. Studies show that better body and brain development is linked with enough rest or sleep.

For very young children, elementary age, homework doesn’t have any advantages. But as they grow, there is a relationship between their achievements and homework in middle school if their assignments are one to two hours every night. If they work for more than two hours, nothing improves. The optimal time for high schoolers is two hours. If you have given them more, you won’t get any achievements.

Not all homework is the same

As we have seen for middle school and high school, homework impacts the child’s grades. Studies show that they have much to gain in their academics for high school and middle schoolers when they do their homework. Students who do their homework outperformed nearly 70% of the classes that do not have homework. However, the effectiveness of this was half when it came to middle school. At the same time, there was no evidence of any relationship between achievement and homework for elementary school.


Homework, despite all studies, remains a history. Until there is a conclusive study on how homework affects children’s productivity at different stages of their development, the parents will have to rely on their best judgment on homework.

Need the Motivation To Do Your Homework?

Whether you are tackling a task meant for school or work, you will need some to tap into a great source of motivation to complete it successfully. We understand the hassle you might be going through just to find the right motivation to help you accomplish your homework goals. In this article, we have discussed some of the psychologically proven motivation methods that you can use right away.

The thought of failure – call it reverse psychology but by thinking that you will fail a particular class or have lower grades at the end of the term/semester, you will be stimulating yourself to work extra harder to prevent it from happening.

Look for inspiration from previously done works – we know how hard it can be to balance a complex chemistry equation while your interests are in linguistics. To help you manage without any stress, search, and go through previously done examples online as a source of inspiration.

Read quotes by famous people – by regularly reading quotes made by other famous individuals, you get to stimulate and motivate your mind with positive vibes and prepare it to finish the assignments.

Look at homework differently – try to change the way that you look at homework assignments and start seeing them as an opportunity to develop critical life skills that would be very vital for your future career.

Make a productive plan – to increase productivity, you will need to create and follow an effective routine or schedule. This helps you focus on certain tasks at different times and allows you to take a breather wherever needed.

Employ the Pomodoro method – subdivide your homework into 20-30 minute bits that you can easily manage and give yourself up to 10-minute breaks between homework sessions.

Recite encouraging mantras – positive mantras are known to create positive vibes through and through. Note down and recite your version of positive homework mantras to help keep you motivated and psyched up.

Explore different learning styles – different students learn differently. Figure out some of your best learning styles and start using a combination of learning methods to stay motivated while doing your homework.

Reward yourself for every accomplishment – apparently patting yourself on the back seems to be one of the main reasons some people get encouraged to work even harder than before. Studies show that by rewarding yourself for every task that you finish, you get to enhance your accomplishment rate as well as motivation levels.

Always be responsible for your failures and successes – many students often blame other people for their shortcomings. This is wrong and doesn’t inspire you to take appropriate actions. By becoming self-responsible for your overall achievement, you will be able to open up your eyes and learn from your mistakes.

While doing homework mail lack a physical incentive to keep you motivated, you should use any of the above tips and make your homework journey an exciting and fulfilling one. For more customized help, feel free to contact any of our available homework experts.

Here Are Homework Inventors and Reasons for Their Invention

Homework debates have assumed different shapes and forms throughout the history of learning and teaching. Homework struggles can quickly heighten to desperate moments where students try to find out who invented out-of-class assignments. If you have been here before, read on to learn some very surprising facts about the history of homework.

The homework history review

If you have ever googled about the inception of homework, you probably found out that some Roberto Nevilis was responsible for inventing this afternoon and evening spoiler in 1905. To make it worse, it is said that he aimed to use it as a form of punishment for notorious students in his classes.

However, Google itself doesn’t tell much about this Roberto person. Since there is no way to validate the truth behind this, we’ll assume a logical approach. 

How is it that all along nobody ever thought about homework only until 1905? 

As much as this sounds skeptical, it has some truth in it. Before this invention, the world had produced many well-accomplished individuals throughout varying fields ranging from music to thinkers. 

To hone such skills to the point of perfection requires lots of practice and memorization and the popular method to do this is through the culture of doing homework. Doubt this if you want but the truth is that homework is as old as education itself.

Even medieval students had their fair share of homework.

Homework invention theories

Well, I know many of you might have jumped straight here hoping to pinpoint the cruel person who invented homework. Truth is, it is hard to singlehandedly pick the person. 

On one hand, educators such as Pliny the Younger had their students’ interest at heart when they asked them to practice on their own back at home. This helped increase their self-confidence in aspects such as public speaking and even helped improve. 

You must be wondering when the rain started beating us by now. According to logic, homework wasn’t an issue back then when school was only for the privileged lot. These issues only started when schools became open and accessible to everyone.

Besides, before the invention of the internet, students had to peruse through textbooks after textbooks to find answers. This was the cradle of doing homework just for the sake. This is how we ended up with issues of memorizing things without understanding what they are from the start.

Since we can’t determine the exact date that homework was invented, studies dating back in the early 1900s trying to streamline and offer guidelines as to how homework can be made beneficial. One recommendation is that teachers need to assess every student’s ability and to ensure that the homework they assign is within the scope of topics learned.

In conclusion, homework plays an integral role in shaping your GPA today and should not be taken lightly. We understand that these assignments can also be very frustrating and many for one night. If you feel pressured, just contact us and say you want us to do my homework for me. And we’ll professionally take care of your problem, leaving you time for personal development.


Top Tips to Help Your Kid Focus More on Their Homework

Getting your child to concentrate on their homework can be very challenging. It used to drive me nuts. I have an 8-year-old daughter whom I love so much but she drives me crazy when it comes to doing homework.

We created a system to help with math homework with her and she gets a break plus a snack right after school and some outside privileges before starting her assignments. Once on the table, all she accomplishes is an open book and a pen on her hand in the first sessions.

She easily gets distracted every 5 minutes and asks irrelevant questions while pacing around. 

When she was 5 years, I thought this was okay and that it would fade away with time, as she grows older. Apparently, this wasn’t the case.

I was pushed to the edge and started looking at options of taking her to be tested for attention deficit disorder (ADD). Along the way, I learned that some elements in the treatment could be applied to children who had problems focusing.

I was desperately looking for a solution and would love her to get things done as I do.

As you had suspected, we tried all of the different methods. Some worked very well while some failed. Below are some of the methods that worked for us.

  • Spread the tasks

We decided to break down her homework time into smaller manageable bits and spread them throughout the week. Instead of up to 40-minute work a week, we did 10 minutes a day. Whenever she wandered off her task, I used to guide her back to what needed to be done by pointing out some fun aspect in the work. Just remember to be a little bit patient with your child when you start.

  • Set them up for success

Try finding fun and innovative ways to set up your child for success. We adopted a “race the timer” challenge whereby I used to give my daughter a 2-minute task but set the timer 5 minutes. Every time that she won, she was enthusiastic and looked forward to winning even more

  • Tire them up

If your child is always pumped up with extra energy during homework time, wearing them out is all you need to do. Learn their rhythm and let them engage in physical activities before starting their homework.

  • Be positive

Always give your child positive feedback at the end of each task and encourage them to continue being focused. This helps keep them motivated in tackling more tasks even faster.

  • Quit

Wait, did you mean to give up? Yes, I did. When it seems to be taking a while longer working on a smaller task, just call it quits. There is no point to frustrate yourselves when there is no progress.

  • Consume fish product

Eating fish has omega 3 and 6 elements that help in brain development and makes your child focus more. 

  • Support self-management

Based on a self-help book, encouraging and engaging your child in planning and time management activities enables them to adopt the concept. Encourage them to set up timely goals and help them stay on track to achieve them.

To wrap this up, just remember to keep on trying and test different methods and don’t fear to quit whenever things aren’t working. Good luck!

Is Parental Help Allowable During Homework?

Several parents throughout the world have asked this question for decades now. I’ve also asked the same query a while back but was rather interested in helping my children nurture a sense of independence in different subject areas.

Problems always emerged whether I chose to help or not. It was a growing concern until I figured out that it was better if they received assistance in plenty. You could choose to adopt a hands-off approach if you have a functional homework system set up for your kids.

Whenever I offer my assistance, these are the key tips that I usually follow:

Discuss the best strategies and tools to use

Here, I suggest some of the proven homework strategies such as dividing huge homework assignments to smaller and manageable chunks or starting with complex problems first. The key when doing this is to avoid dictating which tools and approaches they should adopt. Remember that it is their responsibility to ensure that their assignments are done on time.

Making and agreeing on homework rules

Rules are usually made to present some form of guideline to follow when doing any task. They help keep individuals alert and on track. Engage your kids when setting up specific homework rules and always remember that your job is to enforce the rules to ensure positive results.

Regularly review their schoolwork

I always strive to review my children’s schoolwork and ask them to take the lead in explaining various homework notes, tips, clues, due dates, and their plan to make sure that they finish the assignments on time. Vague responses are usually an indication of needing help from Assignment Geek writing professionals.

Making a plan and setting targets

After familiarizing yourself with your kids’ homework schedule, help them in drafting workable plans for homework and tests, and let them finish by setting their own goals and targets. I normally leave the plan open to allow my kids to gain more flexibility and control.

Sit with them

If you notice that they are struggling while doing homework, pull a chair, and sit beside them. This will increase their confidence and make them feel your support.

Talk with their teachers

I always make a point of contacting my kids’ teachers and inquire about their academic progress as well as if they make timely homework submissions. Through these conversations, teachers always help me identify their weak areas and share resources that can be used to improve.

Work from a suitable environment

Always make a point of creating a tranquil environment for your kids to work from. This helps them focus more on the tasks rather than derail them with distractions.

Know when it is too much

You need to tread very carefully on the lines of quality vs quantity. If your child struggles every evening, there is a huge likelihood that they are getting more homework than they can handle. If this is the case, talk to their teachers and find a solution fast.

In conclusion, homework can be frustrating but with the right approach, both you and your kid could have fun tackling the assignments. Use the above tips wisely when assisting your child in their next homework. 

Ways To Obtain Answers To Us History Homework

Have you ever got stuck with your US history assignment? Sometimes it so happens that your teacher suddenly gives you an assignment on history and you get no idea how to answer them. You are given a deadline with a warning to submit it on time, and you can’t figure out where to get answers to these questions. So, if you have passed through such a situation once and don’t want to further face it, here are a few tips for you to do my homework in history easily and effectively.

  1. Use of Text Book:

    One of the best ways of getting your answers done for any questions related to your US history is a thorough study of the textbooks or at least the chapters related to the specific topic from where the questions have been asked .Going through the textbook would make you nimble to learn more and get prepared to answer any topic related to the book.

  2. Group Discussions:

    However, if you find it lethargic to explore the entire book or even the chapter from where the questions have been given, go for open discussions with other friends who are a little better and attentive in class or have gone through the books to solve the related questions. Make a joint study of the given homework and try to assimilate answers to make points accordingly.

  3. Online Resources:

    This is undoubtedly one of the easiest means to get your US History homework done accurately. There are various websites and questions forums where you can put your question, and you find expert help to resolve and get your answers done. Some websites also provide you with notes on specific topics relating to the subject.

  4. Mobile Apps:

    Through mobile apps you now get easy access to any answers nowadays including your US history assignment. Mobile applications have become a handy method to find solution to most, if not all the problems. Download the best homework answering app, and get access to all your question-related answers.

  5. Get a tutor:

    If you are still not comfortable finding answers to your history assignment through any of the above ways, the last and best advice would be to hire a history tutor offline or online. Getting tuition or coaching on the above subject would not only help you work out your assignment, but it will also make your concept clear about the subject when directly guided by a subject expert.

However, with the advent of science and technology, the world has become an easier place to live in. Basically, the extensive use of the mobile application and various internet services has become like the fundamental needs of the people worldwide. Today, whatever the queries are; the answer is the internet. If you need answers for any questions based on any subjects or any matter, just make use of the search engine by informing your query to it and you would getting loads of answers from various resources within fraction of a second.

Interesting Facts About Homework That Will Motivate You

Homework has always been an important part of school life. You always need to give your best to stand out and succeed in life. When teachers assign homework, that’s not because they are punishing you, but in fact, they are just making sure you do better and work hard. They are preparing you for the future. They want you to be more responsible and achieve success. Keeping these things in mind, let’s look at some facts about homework that will motivate you.

Homework Helps You Prepare For Exams

As you do your homework, you go through the topics again, which in turn helps you to remember things. Practise makes a man perfect, isn’t it? The more you go through topics, the more your brain registers it. Hence during exams, you don’t need much effort to memorize anything.

Homework helps you remember what you did in class

When you do your work well, you won’t forget what’s taught in class. Homework makes you remember topics, and it makes easier for you to learn everything since you are always up to date.

Challenges you to become a better student

When the teacher assigns you homework, they challenge your strengths and weakness and make you overcome them. In short, they help you in becoming a better student. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you eventually learn how to cross over them.

Improves your memory

Homework improves your memory and makes you better in concentration. When you study or complete your homework, you go over things again and again, which makes it easy to learn.

Teaches you time management

Time management is an important factor you need to learn, which will be useful for the future. Completing assignments on time is a task, and if you can do that, the easier it will be for you to manage your time.

Helps teachers to keep track of the students

Teachers can keep track of the students and help them pay attention.

It can help you discover your passion

When you learn about different things, you may stumble upon something which might be interesting for you. For example, your teacher may ask you to choose a topic for essay writing, and you get to choose what you like. When you find your interest and explore it, you may be interested to learn more about it.

It gives you a chance to spend with family members

When was the last time you bonded with your family? Completing your homework gives you a chance to bond with family. You can ask them your doubts while they explain it to you. If your family members are too busy to help you, contact Assignment Geek and get qualified assistance right now.

Homework creates a communication network

Teachers don’t get to see the personal lives of students. Parents, too, do not get to see the classroom lives of their kids. Homework is the only way that opens lines of communication between the school, parents, and teachers. This allows everyone to get to know each other. It helps teachers understand their students’ needs.

Homework helps in building your future, and it is a mandatory part of schooling. It teaches you many things that will be a part of your future endeavors.

How to Find Math Homework Helper Online

Math is an important ingredient in a well-balanced educational diet. You can fill up on science and history as much as you would like, but not absorbing enough math can lead to an empty feeling-in your brain. Math helps develop logical thinking and promotes the mind’s ability to problem solve.

The internet has become a true savior for those of us who have struggled with math topics ranging from algebra to physics. No matter what your age or stage is, help is out there to make math less frustrating for everyone not named Stephen Hawking. Addressing your difficulty with math at a young age or as soon as you have comprehension issues is the best way to help prevent future frustration. There is nothing worse than seeing your grade point average, class rank, or SAT scores suffer due to math struggles.

The way you practice is a strong indication of how you will perform. It holds true for sports as well as studies. If you find yourself dreading completing your math homework, you can only imagine how you will feel when it is time for a chapter-test full of material you do not understand because you couldn’t complete the homework assignments.

In today’s world, with the resources available at school as well as online, there are no excuses to finding the help you need, short of lack of effort. A quick search online can give you countless results immediately. But what are you looking for specifically?

  • Do you need help with pre algebra, algebra, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus? Make sure you are thorough and aware of your most difficult subject.
  • Online texts will provide you with the material you already have in the book, but the solutions and answer keys should also be available to let you check your work.

Another advantage of finding online math help for free is its ability to work outside the typical guidelines set for a school math curriculum.

  • An online atmosphere is vastly different from a traditional classroom and the pressure that comes with learning in a group setting.
  • This “frameless” framework offers students games and other activities not typically incorporated in a classroom setting.
  • For students who struggle with math more than others, online help with math homework provides a comfortable space that is more relaxing and conducive to learning at the student’s pace.

Clear And Effective Homework Tips For Dealing With Algebra Problems

Many students hate algebra. In fact, many students hate math and, therefore, to confuse matters by using letters instead of numbers can really cause a lot of problems and difficulties for some students. In fact, even some students who find math relatively easy and enjoyable, particularly algebra, will still struggle from time to time with various aspects of the subject. Therefore, many students would find it beneficial if they could use a variety of different suggestions in order to help them tackle homework better, when trying to solve algebra problems. Therefore, the following provides a range of different ideas for students who are having difficulties with any algebra work that they need to do.

Looking for math software and applications

As technology improves, and become more prevalent on mobile phones and tablets, students will find that they can download a wide range of different math apps, including those that can help with algebra. Therefore, it can be a good idea to try and see if there are any programs that you can use to help you.

Talking to people directly online

There are many forums online, as well as a variety of different Q&A websites, which enable you to post questions and interact with other members of the Internet community. These can be an excellent way of getting help with a wide variety of different problems that you may have.

In fact, whilst some of these websites may be specifically focused on helping math students, others may be open to the wider community, and may be able to help with a wide variety of different problems that you meet might be having with other different subjects.

Obviously, it can be beneficial to get help with a wide range of different problems that you might be having with any other work that you need to do; however, sometimes it can be disadvantageous when these websites enable you to post questions about a wide range of subjects, and not only math, as it means that you might be less likely to find a math specialist who would be willing to help you.

Paying tutors and homework helpers

If you are struggling to get the answers by talking to people on forums and Q&A websites then you may consider to buy homework. In fact, you can even find professional writing agencies that would be willing to do the work for you, for a fee.