Is Parental Help Allowable During Homework?

Several parents throughout the world have asked this question for decades now. I’ve also asked the same query a while back but was rather interested in helping my children nurture a sense of independence in different subject areas.

Problems always emerged whether I chose to help or not. It was a growing concern until I figured out that it was better if they received assistance in plenty. You could choose to adopt a hands-off approach if you have a functional homework system set up for your kids.

Whenever I offer my assistance, these are the key tips that I usually follow:

Discuss the best strategies and tools to use

Here, I suggest some of the proven homework strategies such as dividing huge homework assignments to smaller and manageable chunks or starting with complex problems first. The key when doing this is to avoid dictating which tools and approaches they should adopt. Remember that it is their responsibility to ensure that their assignments are done on time.

Making and agreeing on homework rules

Rules are usually made to present some form of guideline to follow when doing any task. They help keep individuals alert and on track. Engage your kids when setting up specific homework rules and always remember that your job is to enforce the rules to ensure positive results.

Regularly review their schoolwork

I always strive to review my children’s schoolwork and ask them to take the lead in explaining various homework notes, tips, clues, due dates, and their plan to make sure that they finish the assignments on time. Vague responses are usually an indication of needing help from Assignment Geek writing professionals.

Making a plan and setting targets

After familiarizing yourself with your kids’ homework schedule, help them in drafting workable plans for homework and tests, and let them finish by setting their own goals and targets. I normally leave the plan open to allow my kids to gain more flexibility and control.

Sit with them

If you notice that they are struggling while doing homework, pull a chair, and sit beside them. This will increase their confidence and make them feel your support.

Talk with their teachers

I always make a point of contacting my kids’ teachers and inquire about their academic progress as well as if they make timely homework submissions. Through these conversations, teachers always help me identify their weak areas and share resources that can be used to improve.

Work from a suitable environment

Always make a point of creating a tranquil environment for your kids to work from. This helps them focus more on the tasks rather than derail them with distractions.

Know when it is too much

You need to tread very carefully on the lines of quality vs quantity. If your child struggles every evening, there is a huge likelihood that they are getting more homework than they can handle. If this is the case, talk to their teachers and find a solution fast.

In conclusion, homework can be frustrating but with the right approach, both you and your kid could have fun tackling the assignments. Use the above tips wisely when assisting your child in their next homework. 

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