Here Are Homework Inventors and Reasons for Their Invention

Homework debates have assumed different shapes and forms throughout the history of learning and teaching. Homework struggles can quickly heighten to desperate moments where students try to find out who invented out-of-class assignments. If you have been here before, read on to learn some very surprising facts about the history of homework.

The homework history review

If you have ever googled about the inception of homework, you probably found out that some Roberto Nevilis was responsible for inventing this afternoon and evening spoiler in 1905. To make it worse, it is said that he aimed to use it as a form of punishment for notorious students in his classes.

However, Google itself doesn’t tell much about this Roberto person. Since there is no way to validate the truth behind this, we’ll assume a logical approach. 

How is it that all along nobody ever thought about homework only until 1905? 

As much as this sounds skeptical, it has some truth in it. Before this invention, the world had produced many well-accomplished individuals throughout varying fields ranging from music to thinkers. 

To hone such skills to the point of perfection requires lots of practice and memorization and the popular method to do this is through the culture of doing homework. Doubt this if you want but the truth is that homework is as old as education itself.

Even medieval students had their fair share of homework.

Homework invention theories

Well, I know many of you might have jumped straight here hoping to pinpoint the cruel person who invented homework. Truth is, it is hard to singlehandedly pick the person. 

On one hand, educators such as Pliny the Younger had their students’ interest at heart when they asked them to practice on their own back at home. This helped increase their self-confidence in aspects such as public speaking and even helped improve. 

You must be wondering when the rain started beating us by now. According to logic, homework wasn’t an issue back then when school was only for the privileged lot. These issues only started when schools became open and accessible to everyone.

Besides, before the invention of the internet, students had to peruse through textbooks after textbooks to find answers. This was the cradle of doing homework just for the sake. This is how we ended up with issues of memorizing things without understanding what they are from the start.

Since we can’t determine the exact date that homework was invented, studies dating back in the early 1900s trying to streamline and offer guidelines as to how homework can be made beneficial. One recommendation is that teachers need to assess every student’s ability and to ensure that the homework they assign is within the scope of topics learned.

In conclusion, homework plays an integral role in shaping your GPA today and should not be taken lightly. We understand that these assignments can also be very frustrating and many for one night. If you feel pressured, just contact us and say you want us to do my homework for me. And we’ll professionally take care of your problem, leaving you time for personal development.


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